Chocolate Birthday Cake

Lisa, it's your birthday. Happy birthday Lisa! Our signature triple chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips, topped with nostalgic chocolate icing. Did we mention the sprinkles?

Triple Kinder

It's Kinder like stuffing a delicious hazelnut-based spread inside of a cookie so
chocolatey that Bruce would most certainly be tempted.


Our interpretation of Yin and Yang. The contrast is apparent. The difference is real.
This dichotomy works! Our chocolate chip and triple chocolate cookie merged into the ideal bite.

Chocolate Chip Kinder

Imagine putting a Kinder egg inside a cookie? That's a surprise. This is our spin on
the classic chocolate chip cookie.


Envisage cookies and cream topped with perfectly toasted marshmallow fluff. Cookie within a cookie, need we say more?


Imagine sitting around a campfire toasting a marshmallow, then gently placing it on a
wafer-thin biscuit topped with chocolate. This cookie has texture, body, flavour and
serious layers. One of our personal favourites!


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!